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Our Mission:

To positively alter life’s trajectory for K-12 student-athletes in the City of Cleveland by giving them access to youth development, mentoring, and wrestling.

We are committed and intentional about creating opportunities for positive change. We are changing lives daily. It’s more than just about wrestling. As a result of our efforts thus far we have seen significant strides of improvement in the children that we serve in the following areas:


Based on recent survey results we have seen consistent improvement in the following areas:

Ability to follow directions
Ability to focus on specific tasks and objectives
Working as a team
Enhanced understanding of how to set and obtain goals

To sum it all up, we are positively altering the lives of the kids we serve. We are Beating the Streets of Cleveland one life at a time.
Our Story:

While we are proud of our recent work, there is much more to be done and your continued support is needed more than ever.

Beat the Streets Cleveland serves youth who qualify for free or reduced lunch and a portion of our youth come from single-parent homes and poverty-stricken areas where violence and crime are constant. Current data shows that disadvantaged youth are also suffering from a mental health standpoint. Youth, teachers, and parents depend on programs like Beat the Streets Cleveland to provide healthy, safe, and stimulating activities. Our organization provides more than just wrestling. We provide a safe space for students centered around youth development. Beat the Streets Cleveland staff and coaches look to provide mentorship, promote leadership, discipline as well as health & wellness.

More than ever, it is imperative that organizations like Beat the Streets Cleveland exist to provide students with free access to youth sports and programs.